Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Desktop Wallpaper: Solstice Morning

I tend to wander, camera in hand, whenever the opportunity presents itself.  This photograph was taken shortly after dawn in the high plateaus of Eastern Oregon in 2007.  A lone deer, foraging for food, turned to look at me while I was out enjoying the morning.

You can find Solstice Morning, sized for widescreen and standard monitors, at

Additional free wallpaper based on my photography can be found at

I'll be offering a new wallpaper each day between now and December 22nd - which is not only Winter Solstice, but will see the rebirth of my non-religious spiritual site, Old Ways, that I founded back in 1997.  With over 800 pages of original articles, lessons, and video, it went offline earlier this year but will return in 9 more days.

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