Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Musical Alphabet - B

Four "B"-themed tracks for your listening pleasure...

Black Lab - "See the Sun"

One of my favorite unsigned bands, Black Lab is an alternative rock band originally out of Berkeley, California.  From 1997-1999 they were signed by Geffen Records and had two hits on the radio - "Wash It Away" (1997) and "Time Ago" (1998).  The band was then signed by Epic Records in 1999 but didn't release any material via that label.  This track, "See the Sun," is off an album by the same title that Black Lab self-released in 2005.

Saving Jane - "Butterflies"

An indie rock band hailing from Columbus, Ohio...

Carbon Leaf - "The Boxer"

Described as a "Celtic bluegrass rock band," I've been following their music for years and hope to catch their show when they come to Portland in September.  If you like their sound, ticket prices at the venues where they play generally run between $5 and $12.  You can find tour information here.

The Bellrays - "Voodoo Train (Live)"

Combing garage rock with soul, The Bellrays can really rock the house.  If you've never been to a small venue rock concert, the experience is something like this. The sound in person is obviously much better and the camera in this video is farther from the stage than I've ever been at such a show.  Independent bands have to sound as good or better live than they do on their CDs or they will not last against the competition.

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  1. I like Saving Jane. It's a nice sound. And Carbon Leaf is just a refreshing sound -- love to hear something different like this.