Monday, May 9, 2011

Musical Alphabet - F

After today, there are only two more days of the Musical Alphabet left before we've reached the end of our journey.  We began with I is for Indie and wrapped back around to "A" to catch the first part of the alphabet.

Here are four "F"-themed bands from four different countries for your listening pleasure...

Francesqa - "Years"

A newer indie rock band (they formed in early 2009) from England, Francesqa is currently on their first tour of the UK.  This is one of the currently "under the radar" groups out there that I think could get the right break and make it big.  Don't be surprised if you hear them on the radio here in the States one day.

Fevertree - "Cannot See"
A chart-topping power pop band... from South Africa.  As good as this track is, there are at least three songs on the album (Under a New Regime) that I consider better than "Cannot See."

Freelance Whales - "Generator | Second Floor"

An indie rock band from Queens, New York...

Frightened Rabbit - "Swim Until You Cant See Land"

And to continue our theme, Frightened Rabbit (perhaps the most well-known of the four groups) hails from Scotland...

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