Thursday, June 30, 2011

The No Excuses Workout - Day 11

There are three phases to this workout.  Phase One is 2/3 of the way complete.  If all I did was follow Phase One, I'd lose weight, develop a reasonably high level of fitness, and have a much healthier lifestyle.

But you know me, I'll push through and do Phase Three.

Once all of the pieces are in place, I can start picking and choosing what I want to do.  For now, I'm still building the habit and making fitness part of my life.


This morning's workout went like this...

Table Top - three times (from Day One)
Hug and Release - one time, ten repetitions (from Day Three)
Elevation - three times (from Day Four)
Lift - one time, ten repetitions (from Day Five)
Tic Toc - one time, ten repetitions (from Day Six)
Plank - three times (from Day Eight)
Tiny - one time, ten repetitions (from Day Nine)
Hang - three times (from Day Ten)

And a new exercise - Bend.

Bend is another yoga move and is very simple to do.  Standing with my feet a comfortable distance apart, I lean slowly to my right and simply allow my body's weight to "pull" in that position for a count of thirty.  Then I do the same thing to the right.

That's one repetition.  I did three reps this morning (right, left / right, left / right, left).


Exactly the same as yesterday - twenty minutes of Walking With Purpose.

PM Workout:

Once more, I'm increasing the repetitions on each exercise, moving from yesterday's twelve reps to today's fifteen repetitions.

Twist (No Shout) - one time, fifteen repetitions (from Day Two)
Bobble Head - one time, fifteen repetitions (from Day Three)
Too Sexy - one time, fifteen repetitions (from Day Four)
Popeye - one time, fifteen repetitions (from Day Five)
Kick Back - one time, fifteen repetitions (from Day Eight)
Flight - one time, fifteen repetitions (from Day Nine)
Pump - one time, fifteen repetitions (from Day Ten)

...and Chair.

Chair is essentially a squat (with no weight) but it's done correctly - something that very few people who are familiar with squats actually do.

Step One: I keep my back straight (angled, but flat) throughout the entire movement.

Step Two: I look upward (tilting my chin up) throughout the entire movement.

Step Three:  My feet are approximately shoulder-width apart and my toes are pointing forward.

Step Four:  I don't "squat" but I imagine that I'm trying to touch my bottom to the seat of a chair that's just behind me.  (I learned how to do this movement properly by starting with a chair just behind me so I had something to aim for.)

Step Five: As I perform chair, my knees naturally move forward but never go beyond the toes of my feet.  If I glance down, the moment my toes disappear is the moment that I come back up.

With those pieces in place, I'll slowly lower myself for a count of four and then slowly raise myself for another count of four.  That's one repetition.  I'll do one set of fifteen repetitions.

Another day closer to reaching all of my goals.

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