Monday, June 27, 2011

The No Excuses Workout - Day 8

The first day of week two - and things get taken up a notch.  A small notch, but it's noticeable.

And so are the results.  My appetite has dropped considerably, which makes weight loss even easier.  The concept is simple:  if I shrink my food container (my stomach) I have less room to fill up when I eat so I feel fuller faster.  Not only does pulling my navel toward my spine in every exercise strengthen my core and reduce the risk of injury (both during the exercises and during play) but it strengthens a set of muscles that have gotten soft and allowed my stomach extra room.  Strengthening those muscles naturally pulls my stomach in, reducing the amount of room that exists to make me feel hungry. Cool, huh? :)

Since all of the exercises build lean muscle, those newly developed muscles are burning fat like crazy.  Every day I increase those "fat burners" a little more, burning even more fat.  At the same time, since my body is being hit with exercise twice a day, it starts evolving to meet the demands I'm putting on it - dropping weight, adding lean muscle, burning fat, and increasing stamina and lung capacity.

This workout starts simple so that I have no excuses not to do it.  At the same time, I'm building a fitness foundation and helping my body evolve.  I've done this workout before with exceptional results and will post before and after photos at the end of this journey,


There's a lot of the same - just more of it and the introduction of the dreaded Plank.

Table Top - three times (from Day One)
Hug and Release - one time, ten repetitions (from Day Three)
Elevation - one time, ten repetitions (from Day Four)
Lift - one time, ten repetitions (from Day Five)

Plank is performed by getting into a modified push-up position.  The modification is that, instead of being supported on my hands, my body weight is supported on my elbows and forearms.  My navel is pulled toward my spine, my abs are engaged, and my back is straight (not curved) throughout the exercise.

Much like Table Top this is a static exercise - there's no movement, I simply hold it for a count of thirty (or as long as I can, whichever comes first).  This morning, much like Table Top, I did three sets.

And I was sweating by the end of the third set.


I'm up to fourteen blocks, but this morning, I started Walking With Purpose.

Up until now, I've simply been strolling along.  Walking With Purpose is a little faster.  I'm trying to get somewhere.  I'm not late, so I don't have to really hurry (yeah... that comes next), but I can't meander either.  The idea is to say to myself, "I won't be late as long as I walk with a purpose."  It's brisk, but not decidedly fast.  You have to sort of do it to understand.

PM Workout

This is Sunday's workout with an extra exercise thrown in.

Twist (No Shout) - one time, ten repetitions (from Day 2)
Bobble Head - one time, ten repetitions (from Day 3)
Too Sexy - one time, ten repetitions (from Day 4)
Popeye - one time, ten repetitions (from Day 5)

And Kick Back.

Continuing from the same position as Popeye (the whole workout flows from one exercise to the next), I keep my palms facing forward and my elbows at my side.  This exercise starts with my right arm slightly bent and alternates arms in the same way as Popeye.  Instead of flexing my arm in a forward motion (curling it up toward my shoulder), I extend it backward until its straight, focusing on my triceps (the back of my upper arm) and flexing through the entire movement.  When my arm is completely straight, I flex my triceps muscle and hold it for a full count.

I did ten repetitions.

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