Saturday, July 2, 2011

The No Excuses Workout - Day 13

Day Thirteen adds TWO additional exercise to the morning workout AND increases the reps from fifteen to twenty.  As it is Saturday in my world, there is no evening workout as I enter my twenty-four hours of "down time."

This morning's workout went as follows...

Table Top - three times (from Day One)
Hug and Release - one time, twenty repetitions (from Day Three)
Elevation - three times (from Day Four)
Lift - one time, twenty repetitions (from Day Five)
Tic Toc - one time, twenty repetitions (from Day Six)
Plank - three times (from Day Eight)
Tiny - one time, twenty repetitions (from Day Nine)
Hang - three times (from Day Ten)
Bend - three times (from Day Eleven)

The first new exercise is called Reach.  It's another yoga move.  To perform this, I sit on the ground with my legs together and my hands at my sides.  First, I reach toward the ceiling and stretch as tall as I can for a count of four.  Then, bending forward, I reach for my toes for a count of thirty.  I personally let gravity pull my upper body down toward my legs as I find that more comfortable than continual reaching.  To end the movement, I sit up straight, reach for the sky for another four count, and then lower my hands to my sides once more.

The second new exercise is the Pushup.  I start in the upright position.  It's very similar to Plank except that I'm supported by my hands instead of elbows and forearms.  My navel is pulled toward my spine and my back is straight throughout the movement.

Keeping my back straight, I slowly lower my upper body for a count of four until my chest is between four to six inches off the ground.  Then I slowly raise my upper body (for a count of four) to the starting position. That's one repetition.

When I was initially building strength, I would modify Pushup slightly.  Instead of starting on my toes, I'd start on my knees and stay on my knees throughout the movement.  If I found this movement uncomfortable, I'd return to my bed and perform Pushup on my mattress.

Today I did five repetitions.  That may not seem like much, but done correctly (four seconds down, four seconds up) that's forty seconds of Pushups - which is a lot more than I did yesterday.


Another twenty-five minutes of Walking With Purpose.  On Monday, I'll be mixing things up as far as my cardio is concerned.

PM Workout:

As it's Saturday in my world, there is no PM Workout as I enter the twenty-four hours of downtime.

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