Thursday, April 14, 2011

Musical Alphabet - L

Here are three "L"-themed artists for your listening pleasure.

Ladyhawke - "Magic"

Ladyhawke is a prime example of what really bugs me about the music scene here in the United States.  A native of New Zealand, in 2009 she won that country's awards for Album of the Year, Best Dance/Electronica album, Single of the Year, International Achievement Award, Best Female Solo Artist, and Breakthrough Artists of the Year.

As if she needed more awards, she won ARIA's Breakthrough Artist awards for both her album and single that year and was nominated for countless other awards.

Ladyhawke (Phillipa Brown) is fairly well-known in American indie circles (having been part the group Empire of the Sun before going solo), but is almost unknown beyond that community.  Why?  Your guess is as good as mine.

Lissie - "Cuckoo"

Lissie is my one of my favorite indie artists.  I'll let her music speak for itself.  Her 2010 debut album, Catching a Tiger, is solid from start to finish and gets a lot of play in my world.

Little Man Tate - "Boy In The Anorak"

If you follow the indie music scene, you can watch the entire lifecycle of a band like Little Man Tate.  Forming from a different band in September 2005, they toyed with the lower ends of the UK charts, made it into the UK top twenty once, and after four years, broke up.

To give you an idea of the life of an indie band, here’s an excerpt regarding the following track from Little Man Tate’s Wikipedia page: It was reported on 11 August 2007 that the band's record label V2 Records had been bought out by Universal. The Band were subsequently dropped by V2 in November 2007. It was during this time that the band announced they would release their eighth single 'Boy In The Anorak' prior to being released by V2. Promotional copies of the single were sent out and the track was made available to purchase temporarily on iTunes, however at the last minute the single was cancelled. The band gave away free copies of the single at a Blackpool gig and it was made available to download from their website on Christmas Day.


  1. LadyHawke is into the dance club beat. In this way she reminds me a bit of Lady Gaga, minus the meat dress and the simulated birthing scenes . . . (gag).

    Lissie has more of a down-to-earth story telling style like Taylor Swift or Jewel. Both two of my favorites.

  2. Angela: I'm right there with you. Whether it's Garth Brooks singing "Lonesome Dove" or Tenacious D singing, "Tribute," I'm a sucker for a musical story. :)