Saturday, April 16, 2011

N is for Nothing

I wrote a piece on the modern perspective of "tribe" for today's blog, initially called, "N is for Need." After getting it exactly where I wanted it and translating traditonal concepts into "modern," the final piece was fifteen single spaced pages and almost 7,000 words long.

So I'll save that for a book on traditional shamanism that I'm publishing a little later in the year... :)

Instead, here are a couple of photos that I took while travelling through a small town in Southern Oregon. They were snapped from the highway (I was in the passenger seat on a business trip).

In case you weren't nervous enough about singing in front of a bunch of strangers, Starz Karaoke offers some unexpected motivation...

Same strip mall; a study in perspective.  Two very different experiences as you glance at the neighboring store - all dependent upon which door you're walking through...

That's it.  I've got nothing... ;)


  1. Please sir, may I please submit a formal request to enjoy, I mean - "edit" said piece?
    (No, no ulterior motives at all...)

  2. Look forward to the longer piece at some future point - meantime, enjoyed the juxtapositions (big word for Sunday morning!) in this post. Also intrigued by views of small U.S. town that we don't often see from this side of the pond!
    Thanks and all best, Karla

  3. I bet that all of those signs are actually part of the same store. It's one stop shopping. Who doesn't love karaoke with guns, after all? "Go ahead, boo me!"

  4. B: That's a scary thought LOL

    Karla: Thank you! I've got a few things surprises hidden up my sleeve that I'm still working on... :)

    Melissa: I'm most likely going to be asking you to look over a pile of upcoming non-fiction. Let's talk.