Friday, April 29, 2011

Musical Alphabet - Y

Three "Y"-themed tracks for your listening pleasure...

Joanne Shaw Taylor - "Your Time Has Come"

Oh. My. God.  Every now and then someone comes along that leaves you in awe.  This girl can play guitar.  And somewhere, in her blonde, British body, lurks the deep wail of a blues singer.  Even if you don't care for the blues, watch her hands as she plays - and make sure you watch at least until she starts singing.  Hers is not the voice you'd expect to come from her body.  What's more is that this is filmed live in a small bar - which in my mind, isn't an apology, but makes her performance that much more impressive.

Young the Giant - "My Body"

Chances are, you've now heard this track on the radio.  Young the Giant is rocketing up the charts.  Only five months ago, I took my wife to the Marina and the Diamonds concert (Marina was featured in the "I is for Indie" post) and Young the Giant opened the concert.  It's a pretty cool thing when you stand close enough to the lead singer that you can literally reach out and touch him.  (Many of the female fans did just that.)  They are as good live as they are in studio - but the video does not capture the nearly hyperactive energy that they bring to a live performance.  And it's always a treat when you watch a band that you've followed get their big break.

Dar Williams - "You're Aging Well"

A beautiful song from an amazing folk singer's debut album.  (I actually saw Dar open for Joan Baez and she was equally good live.)


  1. @Nancy I have to agree. I'm only a two steps removed from the edges of the industry (a good friend of mine has been friends with those in the NW music scene for years) and they all agree that she's something special. :)