Friday, April 15, 2011

Musical Alphabet - M

Here are three "M"-themed indie artists for your listening pleasure - and two bonus tracks from bands that are huge elsewhere in the world but we sadly aren't exposed to here in the States.

David Martin - Something In Your Eyes

Something In Your Eyes is David Martin's only single to date, but the back-story is really sweet.  The track was actually a gift for his wife which he recorded and put on an iPod as a gift to her.  The mp3 made it to the offices of Astonish Entertainment, where David was discovered and his first single was subsequently recorded.

Wendy Matthews - The Day You Went Away

Canadian born Wendy Matthews was a huge star in Australia (sometimes we have to travel a long way to follow a dream), winning ARIA's Best Female Artist award in 1991 and 1993.  She's sang a duet with Rod Stewart (on an Australian release of his album, As Time Goes By: The Great American Songbook, Volume II).  And we've never heard of her.

My Pretty Pony - A Song For You (On Your 40th Birthday)

This is a low-fi, live, sung in a school playground version of the song - which seems to be a perfect fit for the band.  (If you'd like to hear a cleaned up studio version of the track, you can find it here).  They're one of the smaller indie bands that is slowly making their way from "complete obscurity" to "on the radar of the indie scene."

To round things out, here are two bands who are tremendously popular in the UK but American listeners have most likely never heard of either.  Both songs are well worth a listen.  My wife and I actually bought concert tickets based solely on the strength of the second track.

McFly - Do Ya

 Marina and the Diamonds - Mowgil's Road


  1. Jeffrey, I really like Wendy Matthews. I'm surprised that she isn't well known here. A very enjoyable musical tribute. Julie

  2. An amazing story, wish that sort of thing would happen to me. :0)

  3. those are some intresting songs you have there, I can say that I had never heard of my pretty pony before!

  4. Julie: I really like Wendy Matthews too. If you can find a video for "Inexorably Yours" give it a listen. It's my favorite song by her, simply beautiful, but I couldn't find a good quality video of the track to share.

    Carole Anne: I agree - it's really romantic and not something you hear everyday. :)

    Baygirl: As far as I can tell (being an indie band there's not always a lot of available information), the name of the band "My Pretty Pony" came about as a joke to "one up" a drunk guy at a concert - and stuck. lol