Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Musical Alphabet - P

Three "P"-related artists for your listening pleasure.

Perishers - Trouble Sleeping

While commercial success has eluded the Swedish indie rock band, The Perishers, they have received some exposure.  If you've heard this song, it was played in a promotional spot for the television show "Grey's Anatomy."  The band originally formed in 1997 and recently went on hiatus while their lead singer, Ola Klüft, pursues a solo project.

The Playing Favorites - "Leaving Town"

The Playing Favorites are something of an indie rock super group featuring members from several other notable bands (including one we'll be looking at under the letter "S").

Emma Pollock - Acid Test
One of the founding members of the indie band, The Delgados, she split with the band in 2005 and signed began her solo career.

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