Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Musical Alphabet - W

Three "W"-themed tracks for your listening enjoyment...

The Weepies - "World Spins Madly On"

The Weepies stand on the line between "known" and "unknown" and it's a coin toss whether or not you've heard of them.  An indie folk-pop group, their music has been featured in countless television shows (Grey's Anatomy, Scrubs, Everwood, and How I Met Your Mother to name a few) and their track, "Can't Go Back Now" was in a campaign ad for Barak Obama's presidential campaign.  So chances are you've heard them somewhere.  Or maybe not.  You never know...

Whirl Magnet - "Hanging By A Line"

I love Whirl Magnet.  Their "Altered States" album is simply tremendous.  This is far from the best song on the album.  I really like "Ain't It Strange", but the musical intro made it much too long to use when introducing the band.

Curbs - "The World"
Some indie-alt rock since the today's other tracks were on the very mellow side of things.


  1. Not sure why yet, but Hanging by a Line is reminding me of Everything but the Girl. Their most popular song, of course, "Missing". I was really attached to the Amplified Heart album.

    Love these. Thank you. =)

  2. I have been trying to figure out who sang that first song for a while! Thanks for solving my prob

  3. I like Whirl Magnet. You are quite the musical connoisseur.

  4. @Melissa This is just a blind guess (I haven't compared the two side by side) but I think the opening rhythm is similar and the two songs open in similar keys. Nice ear. :)

    @Nancy I love music - all kinds of music. It's truly a joy to have the opportunity to share.

    @Baygirl You're very welcome! The Weepies have been everywhere - without people knowing who they are. lol

    @Angela Me too. One of the members writes "music for NASA" as their main job. I'm assuming they mean for NASA's videos, but you never know... ;)