Saturday, April 30, 2011

Musical Alphabet - Z

Three "Z"-themed tracks for your listening enjoyment...

Zero 7 - "Pop Art Blue"

What happens if a duo of musically talented sound technicians forms a band and invites various lead singers to join them?  I'm not sure what you call it, other than Zero 7 - but it's hauntingly beautiful in a... um... my wife, Briana, couldn't figure out how to label them either.  (She just chimed in and said I could call it "ethereal pop.")  So here's the hauntingly beautiful, ethereal pop group, Zero 7.

Stornoway - "Zorbing'

An alternative indie-folk band from Oxford.  Their sound somehow reminds me of times long forgotten while being strangely modern.  Well worth a listen.

The Cab - "Zzzzz"

An alternative rock band from Los Vegas, The Alternative Press called The Cab, "The Band You Need To Know," back in 2008 when the group released their album, Whisper War.

A quick note:

We jumped in on the Musical Alphabet with the letter "i."  I'll wrap around and begin working through the beginning of the alphabet on Monday.  After that?  We'll see. :)


  1. well congrats for making it this far! LOL looking forward to A-H

  2. Thank you! There is some really wonderful music ahead. Looking over the list, each letter next week features at least one (and sometimes a couple) artists that are among my favorites. :)